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How PRP Can Amplify Microneedling Results

Oct 03, 2023
How PRP Can Amplify Microneedling Results
PRP and microneedling offer individual benefits for many skin concerns. However, combined, they make for the ultimate skin procedure to transform your skin and leave it looking more youthful and supple.

Many cosmetic solutions for skin concerns like wrinkles, acne, scars, or sunspots can be temporary. However, modern cosmetic treatments combine science with skin care to provide more lasting results. 

One of the most powerful combinations in cosmetic medicine today is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and microneedling

At The Beverly Hills Plaza Medi Spa in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Neal Handel and his team offer both these treatments for people looking to revamp their skin completely. 

Both treatments have proven to be consistently effective, producing impressive results. In this article, we explain how PRP can significantly amplify the results of microneedling, taking your skin to a whole new level.

How PRP works

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is derived from your blood. A small amount is drawn and then processed through a centrifuge to isolate platelets and plasma rich in growth factors.

PRP stimulates cellular repair and tissue regeneration when applied to your skin or injected into specific areas. While PRP alone is effective, it complements other treatments like microneedling, making the results more evident and long-lasting.

How microneedling works

Microneedling uses a device with tiny, sterile needles to create microscopic punctures in your skin. These controlled injuries trigger your body's natural ability to heal wounds, increasing collagen and elastin production.

This process leads to smoother, firmer, and more evenly toned skin. Microneedling is effective for treating various issues, from scars to wrinkles, but adding PRP enhances these effects, delivering even more benefits.

Benefits of combining PRP and microneedling

You can maximize your body's natural ability to heal and rejuvenate the skin by combining PRP and microneedling treatments. The microneedling opens channels in your skin, allowing the PRP to penetrate more deeply and effectively. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Faster healing

When you pair microneedling with PRP, the growth factors speed up the healing process, which means you spend less time dealing with redness or irritation post-treatment.

Increased collagen production

Both microneedling and PRP stimulate collagen, but their combined effort has shown to be more effective than either treatment alone. Collagen is essential for firm, youthful skin.

More even skin tone

This treatment duo can significantly reduce spots, scars, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. The PRP enhances the microneedling's ability to break down pigmented cells for a more even complexion.

Long-lasting results

Not only are the results more immediate, but they also last longer. The complementary action of PRP and microneedling is a more sustainable solution for various skin concerns.

What to expect from the procedure 

We begin by assessing your skin to determine if PRP and microneedling are appropriate for your specific concerns. We then clean your skin and apply a numbing cream to reduce any discomfort you might experience during the treatment. 

Next, one of our experts moves the microneedling device across your skin, creating thousands of microscopic injuries. Immediately after microneedling, we apply or inject the PRP into your skin. 

Post-treatment, you likely experience mild redness and swelling, similar to a sunburn; however, it subsides in a few days.

The advancement of cosmetic medicine has allowed for more effective, lasting solutions for common skin concerns. When combined with microneedling, PRP boosts the results you can expect. 

If you're ready to renew your skin with these treatments, there's no better place to go than The Beverly Hills Plaza Medi Spa. Don't settle for temporary fixes when you can achieve long-lasting skin rejuvenation by booking an appointment with us or calling 310-388-9765 today.